Program Funding Process





Community Volunteers Make The Decisions 

United Way of the Concho Valley (UWCV) funds are distributed through a three phase process utilizing community volunteers.  The initial work is completed by the Community Investment Panels (CIP). The volunteer panel members are responsible for reviewing the Program Funding Applications submitted by the program providers (agencies), making an on-site visit to facilitate a further understanding of the program, scoring the applications, and making recommendations to the Community Investment Council (CIC) for funding of programs that have been submitted to UWCV. 

The second phase of the process involves the CIC. This Council is made up of local volunteers who oversee the Community Investment process and make funding recommendations to the UWCV Board of Directors. The Council listens to the recommendations of the CIP and receives the final campaign information on the amount of funds available for allocation to program funding. The Council makes a recommendation on the distribution of funds based on a combination of the following:

1.  To what degree does the program/program provider meet the UWCV Standards of Excellence and demonstrate evidence of the Quality Indicators?


2.  How much money is available for funding programs in the current fiscal year?


The third and final pase of the process is implemented by the UWCV Board of Directors.  In this phase of the process, the board reviews the recommendations of the CIC and must approve recommendations prior to the disbursal of funds.


 Once the Board of Directors approves the recommendation, the UWCV staff is directed to notify the approved program providers and begin disbursement of the funds on a monthly schedule for one calendar year.

UWCV provides Standards of Excellence and Quality Indicators for program providers who seek an application for UWCV program funding.

The current application process opens on August 4, 2018 and will close on October 17, 2018.

Agencies interested in applying for funding support can contact Robyn Flores at the United Way office.